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Commercial Interior Design & Fit-Out

Commercial Interior Design & Fit-Out

Design your workplace with purpose

From overarching aesthetics to minute details, the design of your commercial space has an effect on the people who enter it. It can, on its own, give your employees and customers the peace of mind and confidence they need to feel good about doing business with you.

In short, the design of your space is a factor in your success.

At SSP Architects, our team is skilled in commercial architecture and interior design. We understand how to design a space that defines who you are and drives your business toward success.

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Categories of Commercial Interior Design Projects

Perhaps you’re redesigning a single room. Perhaps you need fit-out construction for your entire commercial space, and you have a blank canvas to create something fresh and exciting.

Whatever the scale of your project, we work with you from the start to give you exactly what you need for the design of your commercial space.

At SSP Architects, the commercial spaces we design for include (but aren’t limited to):

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No matter your line of work, we’re here with the knowledge and experience to deliver exactly what you’ve envisioned, and more. We’re efficient and thorough in the completion of your project, so you can start running business from your renovated space soon. To learn more about interior design, please read about our Public Interior Design services.

A dining area with many tables that have four chairs, a white table cloth, and a flower in a vase.
A conference room with a wood wall, a tv mounted on the wall, and tables with rolling chairs.
A welcome are with high tables with chairs, a wrap around gray couch and a mounted tv on the wall.
A conference room with a large table, multiple chairs, a mounted tv, and other mounted photo frames.
A front waiting room with a tiled floor, natural light coming through, and two red cushioned seats.
Multiple wooden tables in an exposed brick building with natural light coming through the large windows.


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