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19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA
New Jersey Commercial Architect


Above all else, we want you to know one important commercial architecture constant: The project must get completed.

We will focus all of our efforts on bringing your project to completion. Bringing a project to the finish line is our goal, and it’s our ability to do so that gets us chosen over other architectural firms.

At SSP we have nearly a century and a half of commercial architecture experience. Using our proprietary Flexible Project Methodology™, we are able to identify and manage all critical aspects of a project, including those that could potentially delay completion, and adjust accordingly to keep a project moving in the right direction.

Our team of experienced architectural designers understands the complex needs and requirements our world requires. Most importantly, we understand that no two projects are alike, each has its own specific requirements and complexities, and it’s our job to help you effectively and efficiently navigate the waters.

The team at SSP is well versed in the following commercial building project categories and specialized areas:


Our style is your style. That is, SSP design teams will create a space that meets the particular needs of your project.

Our portfolio of commercial projects represents a variety of designs. While they are diverse in their look and feel, they are consistent in their quality.

When planning your project, SSP will consider aspects of architecture such as: how to make your space inviting to customers, prospects, visitors and guests. How to make your teams more effective, how to optimize your services, or how to optimize the shopping experience for your customers. We’ll consider architectural design aspects such as:

  • Functionality
  • Layout and Navigation
  • Landscaping
  • Technology Integration
  • Security
  • Sustainability
  • Cost Efficiency
  • Windows and Lighting
  • Sound and Acoustics
  • Character
  • And much more

For more on our services read about our public architecture services.


To discuss how SSP’s experience can benefit your commercial architecture project, contact us or fill out the form.