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19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA
About Us


Proudly providing architectural services for over 130 years, SSP Architectural Group is a State of New Jersey certified Small Business Enterprise (SBE).

Our full-scope architectural firm is headquartered in Somerville, NJ and our team of on-site architects and project specialists provides commercial services to various industries across the country.

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Let’s talk a little history

In 1891, there were no Presidents carved on Mount Rushmore. Ellis Island had not yet opened for business, and the United States flag had 44 stars. And in 1891, the NJ architecture firm that would become SSP Architects opened its doors…

How our firm puts all that history to work

As SSP celebrates nearly a century and a half (talk about RESOLUTE!) of providing exceptional architectural services, we pause to reflect back on our firm’s long heritage of providing outcome-focused commercial architectural services and partnership to both public and private clients.

From rehabilitation and renovation of older buildings to the sustainable architectural design of new LEED-certified facilities, we understand that communication throughout the design and construction process remains a critical component of project success, much as it was when Peter C. Van Nuys founded our architectural firm in 1891.

How our firm’s history directly benefits your projects’ outcome

Our longevity is a testament to our firm’s integrity in the areas of architectural design, project management, and construction administration; a reputation for delivering effective solutions to complex issues; and a long-standing commitment to practical and sustainable architectural design.

We celebrate our 1891 heritage. We build upon our foundation of history and success, and we learn something new from each project we undertake.

Our past literally helps us build your future.

As our firm looks forward toward a second century of architectural design excellence, our leadership continues to embrace new ideas and technologies, while remaining true to the core values that have driven this NJ architecture firm for the last century and a half.


Our firm has over a century of experience in the practice of architecture, and we’ll make sure you have all the guidance you need to complete a successful, exceptional project in public architecture. If you have questions regarding any of our Public Architect of Record services or any of our architectural services, we’re happy to discuss the specific needs of your public architectural plans. Contact SSP Architects today to talk to our team for more information.