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Long Range Facilities Planning

Long Range Facilities Planning

In New Jersey, schools are required to update their Long Range Facilities Plans (LRFP) every five years. At SSP, we’re the state’s leading provider of educational architecture, and we offer comprehensive LRFP services delivered with an eye for detail and a skilled hand. SSP’s process uses ten efficient steps, from document and site review all the way through project advancement, to provide our school district partners with clear guidance and the best path forward for their buildings and campuses.

Some of our most valuable LRFP offerings include:

  • Facilities condition assessment – Full visual, physical, and systems review of your buildings. We accurately record the condition of the exterior (outside walls, windows, doors, and roofing), interior (inside walls, floors, ceilings, and casework), and specialized areas (including restrooms, kitchens, shop areas, and others). We always consult with custodial and administrative staff so that no potential issue goes unnoticed.
  • Curricular/community needs assessment – Holistic review of how your school’s space serves the needs of learners, educators, and the surrounding community. We use our findings to help you with your vision for your buildings’ and campus’ future.
  • Design concepts – We create innovative new facility designs that make the most sense for your school and that take into account all information gleaned during our on-site assessments and reviews.
  • Cost analysis/budgeting – Forward-looking tabulations of costs associated with building improvements.
A playground design for a school with very colorful play areas.
The Montville High School Media Room
The Montville High School library
Blue lighting fixures


If your school district is due for a new or updated Long Range Facilities Plan, contact SSP today to consult with us – we’re trusted by school districts across NJ for good reason. Plus.