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Construction Administration

Construction Administration

At SSP, we’re not content to rest on our laurels once your ideal building layout has been delivered. We stay by your side during the construction process, because it’s our belief that our job isn’t done until the last brick is laid and your optimal facility is ready.

Our Design & Construction Administration services mean we’re always available for advice and support while your facility is being built. As construction takes place, we offer you the following benefits and more:

  • Regulatory compliance – Using our years of experience with  building regulations to see to it that important aspects of your structure are fully compliant with all relevant statutes and codes and that your documentation is in order
  • Selection of contractors – Networking with our most trusted contractors with whom we have long relationships and who deliver quality, on-time work
  • Construction project design review – Continual oversight over the implementation of the finalized building plans
  • Construction project management – Experienced leadership and vision from the architects who designed your facility, rather than needing to hand off the project to a new team as construction starts
  • Final building review – Assessment at end of construction to confirm all work is up to standards and give you peace of mind
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