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Public Interior Design

Public Interior Design

Public buildings are more than just important landmarks where civic business takes place. They are physical representations of what a community values. At SSP, we’ve been one of New Jersey’s most trusted public architectural firms for over a century, and our public interior design services aim to make our clients’ facilities both efficient and beautiful for their employees and the people they serve.

SSP designs aesthetically pleasing but highly functional interior spaces for facilities including schools, community centers, government offices, first-responder facilities, libraries, recreation centers, and more. Our design process will help you define the following factors and more:

  • Style – We’ll help you select an overall aesthetic for your interior space that can span from traditional to modern, but most importantly, defines you.
  • Color – We’re attuned to the best use of colors in walls, carpeting, furnishings, and more in order to create your image and evoke an ideal mood for your facility.
  • Materials – We utilize the best quality materials with consideration for aesthetics, budget and functionality, allowing for a harmonious design as a whole.
  • Furnishings – We’ll help outfit your facility with the best pieces of furniture from a visual and ergonomic standpoint.
  • Lighting – We’ll strike a balance between artificial and natural lighting for the highest visibility and comfort.
  • Renovations – If you’re looking to renovate, we’ll make recommendations on how to change your layout so your space is more beautiful, productive, and people-friendly.
  • Your Goals – Whatever your goals for your project, our proprietary Flexible Project Methodology™ lets us get you there in the best way possible.
A school library with numerous couches and other areas to study.
A recording studio for musicians with numerous guitars.
The Montville High School library
A library with red accents and a private conference room.
A school gym and basketball court with multiple hoops and seating.
A school library with a front desk, computers, and bookshelves.
The Montville High School library
An entranceway of a school building.


Does your public building need an interior design update? Contact SSP today – our skilled designers can help you get started right away. To learn more about interior design, please read about our Commercial Interior Design services.