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Commercial Building Design

Commercial Architect Services

Meaningful commercial architecture and design can transform the future of your business.

As experienced commercial building architects, we know that thoughtful, specific design elements can energize employees, motivate clients and customers, and enhance the function of your commercial space. Your building’s design can also generate respect for your business, laying its foundation as a valuable, long-standing institution.
While we won’t be hasty with your architectural project, we know the fastest path to revenue is the timely completion of your commercial building design project, and that’s what our commercial architectural firm is known for — bringing the project home.

For that reason, we are RESPONSIVE to your questions and needs. We are COLLABORATIVE with you, other vendors, and project stakeholders. We are focused on the OUTCOME and on completion of your construction project on time, within budget. We are RESOLUTE in providing the best possible outcome for every client.

Our Commercial Architectural Services Include

Architect of Record | Interior Design
Facilities Assessment | Facilities Consulting

Commercial Architect of Record

As your Commercial Architect of Record (AOR), we meet with you to understand your construction needs, then carry out all key aspects of your commercial building project, including:

  • Design your construction documents
  • Obtain permits and approvals
  • Conduct facilities planning
  • Integrate sustainable design and clean energy requirements
  • Prepare grant applications and supporting design documents
  • Help you update your LRFP for NJ regulatory agencies

And more.

Commercial Interior Design

Our team knows how to design a space that defines who you are and drives your business to success. We design for renovation and new construction of all types of commercial spaces, including:

And much more.

Commercial Facilities Assessment

We know commercial buildings inside and out, and our team of experts will provide you with a systematic review of your commercial building’s structural and functional elements. Our complete Facility Condition Assessment (FCA) services cover:

  • Building structure
  • Walls, flooring, roofing, doors, and windows
  • Systems like plumbing, electrical, and HVAC
  • And more

In addition, we provide:

  • Audits for regulatory compliance
  • Preparation of documents for regulatory agencies
  • Cost assessment for any repairs or renovation
  • And more
The exterior of a commercial building in NJ
Inside an office space of a commercial building.

Facilities Consulting

As your facilities consultants, we’re here to oversee the full lifecycle of your commercial projects — from planning, to construction, to ongoing operations. Our architectural and commercial facilities consultants can help you build a sure path to success in your commercial building project, with services covering:

  • Preliminary planning and development
  • New construction and renovations for businesses of all kinds
  • Oversight of construction phase and regulatory compliance
  • Project management of contractors and vendors
  • Post-construction building assessment
  • Planning and coordination of COVID-19 floor planning and “return to work” projects

And more.

We’re Commercial Architects – Let’s Build Something Great Together

As commercial building designers, we work with you to fully understand your company, your project, and your business goals. Through this design philosophy, we create and maintain commercial buildings that meet your needs and drive your business forward.

From commercial office buildings, sports complexes, retail space and more, the commercial architects at SSP have done this before — and we can do it for you.