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Medical Architects in NJ

Medical Architects in NJ

Medical and healthcare offices are often perceived as all providing the same lusterless experience to patients and clients.

This is an opportunity for you to stand out.

Patients may be in physical and emotional discomfort when they need you, and the design of your facilities is your first opportunity to convey a sense of care and comfort.

Because these are major reasons patients will (or won’t) choose to continue as your patrons, creating the right environments can help grow your medical business. You don’t want your design, construction, and architecture to be overly eccentric, nor appear like everyone else’s. You want to offer comfort and familiarity to your patients and clients, while simultaneously adding a personal and interesting touch.

In addition, your office is your professional home and should reflect a matter of pride in your work. This space is a reminder of the education, care, and dedication you’ve put into your medical or healthcare practice. To your patients and your team members, your medical office building and interior design are a representation of the friendly and quality healthcare you provide.

Of course, aesthetic goals must be balanced with other requirements. In any healthcare design, there are health and sanitation standards to adhere to, including laws, building codes, and medical best practices.

That’s why it helps to have experienced medical architects design your office. Let’s take a deeper look at some of these factors to consider in healthcare architecture, interior design projects, and industry standards.

Creating the Right Atmosphere

The proper tones, textures, forms, and materials will help us convey your intentions as a healthcare provider. They might be on the inside or outside of buildings, and they can come from the sturdiness of stone, the warming effect of wood, or a variety of materials that convey the healing effects of nature.

Choosing the right artwork is also a chance to create an experience around your values and your office’s personality. Image selection may represent your surrounding community, your field of healthcare, or the demographics of your patients.

For example, at a pediatric office, artwork might imply friendliness and fun. A cancer center may incorporate blue to convey caring and calm, while a cardiologist’s office can use red to invoke relevance and authority in the field of heart health. Based on these factors, your considerations will be different if you operate a medical center, chiropractic center, dental office, or another type of healthcare office.

Other considerations of our architecture and design teams include natural and artificial lighting, layout, and more. The possibilities to build welcoming environments at your facilities are endless, and they’re all part of making the patient feel comfortable, invited, and at home with you as their healthcare provider.

Safety & Sanitation

Whether considering a hospital design project, construction of a medical center, or any other type of design project for healthcare buildings, safety and sanitation are of highest importance. Your greatest priority as a healthcare provider has always been the health and wellbeing of your patients, and since the pandemic, people are especially sensitive to all aspects of safety and sanitation.

At SSP, we pride ourselves on meeting and exceeding these standards. We’re vigilant about staying on top of the latest codes and creating positive patient outcomes with every project.

In addition to meeting specific codes, as architects our ability to address sanitation comes from designing ventilation to maximize air flow and establishing a layout that facilitates social distancing in your facilities.


You will create efficiency, reduce wait time, and have a more effective business if you can maximize the flow of work and patient processing, while also providing space for billing and insurance, maintenance, and other aspects of your practice.

It’s also important to account for functionality and ADA accessibility standards of your site. Whether you’re a major medical center or independent medical practice, your re-design project can utilize design, along with the best available technology, to create functionality and flow for your entire operation, from paperwork, to patient care and beyond.

SSP Architects has extensive experience in this aspect of medical architecture as well as other fields. In fact, it’s a part of every project we undertake, and we enjoy the unique challenges of solving these design problems.

Get Architectural Design that Transforms the Care You Provide

At SSP Architects, all of our projects are partnerships between us (experts in architecture and design solutions), and you, the expert in your healthcare practice. With our combined expertise, we can achieve the best possible decision making in healthcare design, enhance the patients’ experience at your practice, and add value to your business.

Your architecture project, and its results, will last for decades to come, so it pays to hire a trusted, experienced medical architecture and design firm to do it right.

SSP Architects is among the most respected architecture firms in the country and a leader in design for education, commercial, civic, and medical facilities. We are based in New Jersey, serving institutions throughout our state and nearby regions. Contact us today to learn more, or to discuss how we can instill greater passion, profitability, and care into your practice.