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Commercial Facilities Assessment


One of the top reasons SSP has earned a reputation as one of New Jersey’s top commercial architecture firms is our experienced, discerning eye for all of your building’s structural and functional elements. Our commercial facilities assessment services will leave no stone unturned and provide a highly detailed but clear and actionable review of the facility, including every major and minor point of concern.

Our Facility Condition Assessment (FCA) covers the following areas and more:

  • Building structure – Review of layout, floor plan, load-bearing structures, and plan
  • Surfaces and entrances – Structural, energy efficiency, safety, and compliance review of all walls, flooring, roofing, doors, and windows
  • Systems – Overall review of every system providing needed service to the building, including plumbing, electrical, HVAC, and others as needed
  • Audits and documentation prep – Complete coverage of requirements put forth by regulatory agencies and ensuring that documentation is up-to-date
  • Cost assessments – Accurate estimates for any needed repairs or renovations
The exterior of a commercial building with many stairs connected to it.
A hair salon lined with numerous chairs for customers to get their hair done in.


Is your commercial building due for any of these types of assessment? Contact the architectural professionals at SSP for a consultation to get started.