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Commercial Architect of Record


The Architect of Record (AOR) plays a pivotal role in shaping the success of your project. They are the guardians of your project vision.

As the driving force behind the transition from concept to reality, the Architect of Record orchestrates compliance with regulations and local building codes and stays with the project through construction.

At SSP Architects, we understand that every brick, beam, and drawing holds the potential to shape your organization’s future. That’s why we believe having an Architect of Record is not just important; it’s absolutely essential for the success and longevity of your facility.

Explore our services and discover the impact a seasoned Architect of Record can bring to your commercial project.

The exterior of a commercial building in NJ
Inside an office space of a commercial building.

Commercial Architect of Record Responsibilities

Being your Architect of Record has an additional set of responsibilities that our NJ architectural firm takes very seriously. When you partner with us on your commercial architectural project, some or all of the responsibilities below may apply.

  • Assist in obtaining permits and approvals from required regulatory agencies.
  • Solicit contractor bids and advise in contractor selection.
  • Complete construction administration services, including on-site activities by field representatives.
  • Update planning and design timelines as well as construction schedules.

We have worked many times with NJ state and local agencies so we understand all the necessary documentation and processes to get permits you need to obtain your permits on time. Incomplete applications or failure to understand the permit process can result in delays and extra costs at the construction site. We won’t let that happen to you.

To learn more about our AOR services, check out our Public Architect of Record page.