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Claremont Elementary School

Claremont Elementary School


Franklin Park, NJ


Franklin Township Public Schools


New Design


September 2019

SSP Architects completed a comprehensive Facilities Master Plan for the Franklin Township Board of Education, located in Somerset County. SSP was tasked with reviewing existing sites and building conditions, updating demographic projections, and evaluating sustainable ways to accommodate enrollment growth over the next 5-10 years while re-aligning the district grade levels among the K-8 schools. This work was completed within the context of supporting 21st century educational trends and curriculum needs.

The end result of the Master Plan was a grade reconfiguration, resulting in one less transition phase for students over their formative educational years, from Pre-K through High School. SSP designed additions and alterations to a former intermediate school, creating two Middle Schools, which facilitated the ability to create a Pre-K-Grade 5; Grades 6-8; and High School (Grades 9-12) alignment.

To address the rapidly growing student population, a new K-5 elementary school was constructed. The new Claremont Elementary School includes 39 classrooms, 11 Special Education classrooms, a cafeteria, gymnasium, auxiliary gymnasium, media center, and 9 specialized instructional spaces (including art, music, and a science lab), and is targeting LEED Gold status. In addition, comprehensive additions and renovations were made throughout the district, allowing for sufficient space for each student while also eliminating the need for the district’s long-serving temporary classroom units.

The referendum to advance construction on this project was approved by voters in December 2016, and Claremont Elementary School opened its doors in September 2019.

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