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Guayaquil, Ecuador


Young Living Academy


Master Planning

SSP Architects went international in 2023 by providing a facilities master plan for the Young Living Academy (YLA) in Ecuador. With this plan in hand, this growing Academy for students in grades K-12 now has the document it needs to guide its expansion decisions for years to come. As it proceeds on its journey to fulfill the Academy’s vision as a unique place of interconnected living systems that focuses on the mission of “Building the Future Leaders of Ecuador,” it now has a clear map to get there.

Along with providing the Academy with a larger-picture goal of the overall site development to accommodate over 1000 students from all socioeconomic backgrounds – up from the current 367 students – the SSP team provided immediate guidance on where to locate the new art and music building. This allowed construction to begin so the building can open for the start of school in May 2024 – in time for the Academy’s 15th anniversary.

SSP’s YLA Facilities Master Plan 2022-30 will help YLA plan its land development, repurpose functions in existing buildings, and show where new buildings should be located in phased expansion. It broadens YLA’s vision to include accommodation for university programs, technical training, and certificate studies. All new facility development will be done in an environmentally sustainable manner. And, perhaps most importantly, there will be adequate space to provide a high-quality education for more students at risk – many of whom will be the first high school grads in their families and the first to attend college.

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