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Women’s History Month Architectural Design Viewpoints:  SSP Architects Women Professionals Speak Out
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Women’s History Month Viewpoints: Kristine Gerges

Kristine Gerges a Project Coordinator at SSP Architectural Group posing for a picture wearing a white button down shirt.I believe in women’s power to change the world’s mindset – for people everywhere to face their challenges and turn them into advantages. Women’s educational curiosity, coupled with the creativity offered by architecture, gives them a medium to showcase their skills and talents. It allows them to make an important impact on their community.

What woman do you admire most in the field of architecture, design, or art, and why?

Zaha Hadid is my role model in architecture. She gave the world another taste of architecture that rose above the typical building. She played with and tweaked geometry and math to achieve whatever design possible. Zaha never settled for the norm in architecture. In addition, she broke out of the norm in the Arab world, where men dominate the architecture field and do not allow women to rise to the top.

What is your favorite building or public art installation/sculpture, and why?

Colline Notre Dame Du Haut in Ronchamp, France is my favorite design concept that fits the chapel’s needs and provides it with its own unique form and function. This building reflects how architecture can take any form and can speak to the site and community to change society’s idea about what architecture is.

What trend in architecture/design/art do you most like/least like, and why?

I like the fact that there are companies like Volume Zero who can raise awareness to help change society by involving women in the most needed sites around the world by engaging architectural concepts and designs. It was meaningful for me to receive an Honorable Mention when I came in seventh place in the Volume Zero Women’s Pavilion competition. It was a privilege to work with participants in designing a Women’s Community Pavilion built for 75 users. It offers many valuable resources in multi-functional spaces for women of different ages.

Kristine Gerges, Project Coordinator

Colline Notre Dame Du Haut

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