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Women’s History Month Architectural Design Viewpoints:  SSP Architects Women Professionals Speak Out
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Women’s History Month Viewpoints: Sonali Dalvi

Sonali Dalvi, Project Coordinator

Sonali Dalvi, Project Coordinator, at SSP Architectural Group, posing for a desk at her cubical.What woman do you admire most in the field of architecture, design, or art, and why?

I like architect Lina Bo Bardi, who worked in Brazil for most of her life. Her design and architecture stand out to me because she always tried to create spaces that focused on functionality. The initial design sketches she created are aesthetically interesting, but she always made sure they were changed as needed to be functional. This came through in her work, whether it is the SESC Pompeia that I write about below, or her beautiful glass house she designed for herself and her husband.

What is your favorite building or public art installation/sculpture, and why?

Lina Bo Bardi’s SESC Pompeia community center in Sao Paulo is one of my favorite buildings because it reflects her dedication to sustaining through architecture the local heritage and materials of the region. Instead of tearing this structure down, Lina was able to rehabilitate this once dilapidated concrete mass into a thriving community center hosting cultural activities and sporting activities. By expanding this Brutalist complex through her use of monumental concrete towers and bridges she paid homage to the buildings’ industrial roots. Her saving of this building showed how much she cared about people.

What trend in architecture/design/art do you most like/least like, and why?

I like contemporary architecture that focuses more on function rather than form. Like Lina, I like architecture that is direct and meets a purpose. I love her quote, “There is pleasure in he victory and wonder of being simple.”


A photo of SESC Pompeia

A photo of SESC Pompeia
SESC Pompeia









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