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Discover How Impactful Architecture Boosts Business and Academic Performance on Brave Business Triumphs Podcast

SSP Architects Principal explores collaboration, design process, and the challenges of maintaining the original purpose – the “Why” – throughout the life of a project.

New Jersey – Architecture has long been viewed as a profession that simply designs buildings. However, the impact of thoughtful design goes far beyond physical structures. An architect’s ability to play a unique role in having a lasting positive impact on an entire community was the focus of this month’s Brave Business Triumphs podcast featuring Marcus Rosenau, Principal of SSP Architects in Somerville, NJ.

Rosenau explained to host Douglas Longenecker that he always finds it exciting to see how his 132-year old firm continually makes a far-reaching difference in New Jersey communities – whether it be turning once desolate downtowns into thriving business areas, transforming empty lots into vibrant ballparks, designing once sterile senior centers into ones that feel more like home, and working with school districts to create more interactive, spacious, naturally lit classrooms and media centers that have proven to advance student performance.

Uncovering and Holding on to the “Why” of an Architectural Design Project      

“The key to architectural success is getting to know the why of a project. This is best accomplished by never taking things at face value. We always look to dig deeper by constantly questioning and listening to the Owner to make sure their goals, passions, and beliefs are realized in the project’s design,” said Rosenau.

During the podcast, Rosenau and Longenecker explored how the term “architectural integrity” goes beyond the actual structure to include the consistency of the design idea itself and how that should hold up over time. Rosenau expanded on this idea by emphasizing the importance of continual collaboration from initial discussions, design ideation, final construction, and every phase in between.

Creating Healthy, Sustainable Buildings Are a Great Long-term Investment

In this post-pandemic world, Rosenau also talked about creating healthy, sustainable buildings that are well ventilated and provide as much natural lighting as possible are a great long-term investment. “It helps with productivity at work, test scores in schools, and recuperation rates in hospitals,” he said.

Even after nearly 30 years as an architect, Rosenau said he never tires of seeing how his firm’s architectural designs make a lasting difference in people’s lives. “It’s what drives SSP as a company – the community aspect of it. Designing facilities that help firefighters, kids at school, retailers on Main Streets, healthcare workers and patients in outpatient medical centers, and citizens accessing beautifully designed public spaces is always rewarding for us,” he said.

Listen to Podcast for Further Insights on Impactful Architecture

If you need guidance on a building or renovation project, contact Rosenau at 908-725-7800 or

You can hear the podcast here A Collaborative Design Process Built with Integrity

A front waiting room with a tiled floor, natural light coming through, and two red cushioned seats.

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