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2023 In Review – Healthcare Impact
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2023 In Review – Healthcare Impact

Exploring Ways Building Community is at the Heart of Design

This year reflected SSP Architects’ commitment to being community builders at heart. Whether it’s creating uplifting spaces in educational and healthcare facilities, preserving our state’s living history through design, building inviting civic spaces, or bolstering our mission to promote diversity, equity and inclusion in our built work and staffing, SSP’s team always strives to design sustainable, innovative, and practical spaces that empower people and enhance neighborhoods.

We begin with a focus on Advancing Health and Wellness – Creating Uplifting Medical Space Design

SSP was constantly on call in 2023 to meet the growing needs in New Jersey to design healing spaces for patients and their families, as well as caregivers. Our firm knows that developing high quality healthcare spaces is not just a project. They are an investment with the power to generate greater well-being, medical innovation, and readiness to address healthcare emergencies.

Projects included:

  • Building the new St. Luke’s Health Center  in Clinton, NJ that will become a one-stop medical hub for the region when it opens in 2024.
  • Partnering with the Franklin Township School District and medical insurance provider Integrity Health to create the Franklin Warriors Partnership Health Center that offer teachers, school staff and their families a state-of-the-art health clinic that enables the district to save significant funds to provide medical coverage for its school employees.
  • Creating new Zufall Health Centers, including one in Franklin Township designed to include a range of state-of-the-art amenities for students and families in the Hillcrest School. This is part of the SSP-Zufall Health growing partnership to provide high quality healthcare services to primarily low-income patients in New Jersey – including a new clinic site in Somerville.

SSP looks forward to building on these successes in 2024. We will continue our work to create buildings and spaces where communities can thrive. Our team will always keep in mind that as community architects, the buildings, and spaces we design are part of the bigger story – one that elevates people, helps them better interact with each other, and creates a more sustainable, healthier, and inspiring built environment.

This is part of a series of blogs focusing on SSP’s architectural designs and team members that made an impact in 2023. This blog focuses on SSP’s achievements in creating uplifting medical space designs that advance health and wellness.

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