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Raritan Valley Community College
Master Plan


Branchburg, NJ


Raritan Valley Community College


Higer Education

SSP worked closely with Raritan Valley Community College to develop a 25-year Master Plan for their 240 acre campus. This document serves as a dynamic planning tool in the continued development of the campus, and expanded on their previously issued ten-year Plan.

RVCC’s Master Plan was structured to consider three primary dimensions in planning: the Philosophical Dimension, focusing on the meaning, vision, and ideas central to the Master Plan; the Intellectual Dimension, involving the formulation of guidelines for future development, communication facilitation, etc.; and ultimately the Practical Dimension, including logistics of campus operations, programs, and demographic changes. The plan provided an overview of recently instituted programs and completed projects, with targeted new programs, construction, renovation, and expansion areas identified.

Several years after its issuance, RVCC actively utilizes the Master Plan to guide their decisions and allocate capital project funding. SSP continues to work with the College to update the plan as projects are completed and as new elements begin to rise up in priority.

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