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19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA



Washington, NJ


Kickcharge Creative



Kickcharge Creative, an advertising agency whose “passion is to create disruption,” posed a unique set of needs in designing their new space, which was to occupy approximately half of a new 12,500 square foot building. SSP worked both with the building owner in designing the core and shell, and with Kickcharge in fitting out their space.

In addition to a fairly typical list of needs, such as a design that accommodated growth and flexibility and collaboration, Kickcharge required a design that reflected their positive energy. It was clear that the Kickcharge creative minds would not be able to do their best work in a generic, monochromatic, beige office.

Stemming from the newly rebranded company’s color palette of yellow, black, and grey, the interiors were outfitted with a dark field color and pops of color, leading to an energetic yet cohesive design. Windows were reserved for the common and meeting areas, while the primary work areas were kept darker, a feature desired by the Kickcharge team. Bold graphics were introduced throughout walls and other surfaces within this dark color palette, leading to the building itself serving as a backdrop to showcase samples of Kickcharge’s work.

The creativity of SSP’s design both drew from, and inspired, the creativity of Kickcharge’s design team.

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