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Adult Day Center of Somerset County
Senior Wellness Center


Bridgewater, NJ


Adult Day Center of Somerset County



SSP provided programming, planning, design, and construction administration services for the new 10,000 sf new Adult Day Center building in Somerset County.  Intended to serve as a Regionalized Senior Center (RSC), the new facility consolidated operations that had previously been scattered in leased spaces throughout the county.  Designed with the end users in mind, the Center utilizes a residential aesthetic, incorporating features such as carpet and wood floors, fireplaces, and low, angled rooflines.

The Center provides medical and social day services for disabled and elderly residents of Somerset County, as well as resources for their caregivers.  A staff of 20 care for up to 80 people each day, fostering a community of acceptance despite disability.  Older adults who need assistance or supervision during the day, including those with Alzheimer’s or other dementia-related illnesses, are welcome to attend.  Services provided include entertainment, exercise, hot meals, nursing, personal care, therapeutic recreation, OT/PT, and support groups.

SSP was awarded an Outstanding Community Partner Award for this project.

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