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19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA
Scott Mihalick, AIA

Scott Mihalick, AIA


The Taskmaster

Through two decades of experience in the field of architecture, Scott understands that communication throughout a project is key.  Whether there is good news or bad news to be delivered (and there will invariably be some of both on every project), Scott helps guide the process and facilitates open and honest communication among all project stakeholders.

Scott is a go-to resource for clients and internal team members alike.  Besides work on his own projects, Scott consults with other project teams on matters regarding financing, bidding, or other regulatory or process questions.

In addition to project-based work, Scott oversees the business operations of the firm.  From planning and forecasting, to scheduling and staffing, to business development, to the daily running of the firm, Scott keeps his finger on the pulse of the firm’s operations at any given point in time, while simultaneously looking towards forecasting for the future.  This role has Scott not only practicing architecture, but also touching the related (but necessary) legal, contractual, accounting, and marketing sides of the business.

As a child Scott was often drawing houses, buildings, and cities.  A drafting class in high school cemented Scott’s realization that he wanted to become an architect, a path which he followed with unwavering focus. Today, when not at work, Scott’s three young daughters keep him busy; he can often be found building Lego houses with them.