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19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA
Joshua Ward-Linzer

Joshua Ward-Linzer

Project Manager

The Building Exterior Ace

When it comes to building envelope design, Josh knows all the ins and particularly the outs. A senior member of the technical staff, he is a leading regional specialist in strengthening building envelopes with a focus on roofing and exterior wall design. He also excels in the areas of building envelope investigation and evaluation.

Beyond the building envelope, Josh has extensive experience in all phases of architectural design, including planning, detailing, coordination with consulting engineers, and construction administration.

During his 14-year career with SSP, public schools throughout the New Jersey-New York metropolitan region have benefitted from his insight and technical knowledge. In addition, he played a major role in SSP’s state-wide Facilities Assessment that was undertaken for the New Jersey Department of Transportation, examining the conditions at over 500 buildings and developing project lists and priorities.

Josh has been fascinated by the built world since he was a child. Back then you could find him making roads and towns for his Hot Wheels in his backyard’s dirt patch. Or he was in his family room building forts, cars, or helicopters out of Legos. While in high school, he started drafting and putting his design ideas down on paper. He realized that he liked coming up with what should be built, more than just building what others created. When not at work, Josh likes to experience the built and natural world with his wife and daughter.