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19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA
Jeanne Perantoni, AIA, ALEP, LEED AP

Jeanne Perantoni, AIA, ALEP, LEED AP


The Planner

Jeanne’s expertise lies in facility master planning, where she excels at not only solving what are sometimes disparate architectural and programmatic challenges, but also at facilitating the process.  Jeanne shines when working with large groups of diverse individuals, helping lead the process to develop a unified group consensus and ultimately an implementation plan of action.  Jeanne’s efforts in this area have led to national recognition as an Accredited Learning Environment Planner (ALEP), one of the first three individuals to achieve this designation in the state of New Jersey and one of only 194 worldwide.

Jeanne applies her process to facilities projects of all types, ranging from small K-8 or K-12 school districts to multi-site college campuses to corporate build-outs.  Her ability to delve down into each project’s nuances, and understand the unique operations of each affected building or campus, is unparalleled.

While Jeanne brings 35 years of formal experience to SSP, Jeanne’s exposure to the field predates her tenure with SSP.  Jeanne grew up in the business, having an architect for a father.  As a young child, Jeanne and her brother would tag along to their architect father’s construction sites (a practice no longer followed, of course).

Jeanne is the proud mother of two sons, and in a reversal of the typical, she has followed in their footsteps by recently taking up rowing, a sport that her oldest son enjoyed in college.  Jeanne has always enjoyed the water, having been a swimmer since her college days, and has participated in rowing competitions throughout the northeast over the last several years.