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19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA
Thom Freeman, RA, LEED AP

Thom Freeman, RA, LEED AP

Project Manager

The Game Changer

What keeps Thom Freeman excited to be an architect after 25 years in the profession is the satisfaction he derives from being in a field that enables him to “create things every day that change the world for the better.” This upbeat attitude is bolstered by his efforts to “bring a positive perspective” to every project he undertakes.

His vast array of architectural design, restoration, and construction management work ranges from working on new skyscrapers in New York City, the Belvedere Castle in Central Park, a FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) Testing Lab, schools, country clubs, sports fields, and ice rinks. This has given him the in-depth expertise to overcome daunting design, technical and construction challenges in an expedited way – allowing projects to seamlessly move forward to completion.

Thom’s strong client orientation and ability to keep the lines of communication with the Owner open throughout the project makes him a valued game-changer in the field. Creating building envelope designs that are both aesthetically pleasing and fully protective of the interior is an expertise he has honed over the years. He half-jokingly says his “superpower” is finding areas of building leakage and overseeing the necessary fixes to avoid any further water damage.

When not working, you can probably find Thom at a hockey game with camera in hand. What started out to help publicize his son’s hockey team has led to over 2.4 million photos of hockey players at all levels – from youth hockey to college players to the pros. His photos, which he takes on a volunteer basis, have helped raise thousands of dollars for hockey charity causes.